10 Best Must-Have Projector Accessories

by Innovative SG team on Dec 30, 2021

10 Best Must-Have Projector Accessories

Must-Have Projector Accessories

Have you ever wanted your own home theatre, but you don’t know what to get to replicate the cinematic experience of watching movies? We have built a must-have projector accessories list for your new projector setup. Watching movies at home will never be quite the same as compared to going to a cinema, but the accessories below will help enhance your viewing experience at home.

1. Projector Stand

If you do not have a structure to position your projector comfortably and properly, a stand is one of the most important projector essentials you need to get ASAP. There are many types of stands, but the most common projector stands are the curve, tripod, and mini projector stands. These stands serve different sizes and here are the differences:

  • Curve: For slim and lightweight projectors
  • Tripod: For bulky and heavy projectors
  • Mini: For mini projectors that have a screw-in base

2. Projector Screen

To enjoy a smooth watching experience from the projector, the light must be projected on a flat and smooth surface such as an unobstructed white or light-coloured wall. If you find it hard to find space to project on, don’t worry, there are a huge variety of retractable screens to choose from.

Depending on the projection size and the conditions of your environment, you can choose from these popular pull-out projector screens to customize your preference and adapt to your living space.

  • Floor Up: The screen can stand on its own with a white screen that fills up half of its full height.
  • Motorized: Easily mounted on the wall or ceiling, the screen can be controlled easily to lower or retract, with a remote control.
  • Manual Pull Down: A cheaper alternative to the motorized screen, the only difference is having to manually pull down the screen from its bottom end.
  • Tripod: Like the floor up screen, this one boasts a sturdier base with its tripod structure. Its structure is more convenient to fold up to store or bring around.

3. Display Adaptors

To screen from your phone, tablet, or tablet to the projector and enjoy an immersive experience of watching entertaining videos or gaming, you will need an adaptor. Depending on the device you are using, buy accordingly for your device’s input and make sure there is at least an HDMI port, USB-A port and a charging port for your device. These are the basic inputs your projector adaptor should have so that if your device is going to run out of battery, you can plug it up and continue enjoying your projector.

4. Wireless WiFi Mirroring Device to HDMI Device Connector

This accessory is perfect for those of you all who prefer a cleaner and wireless connection to the projector. As small as a thumb drive, plug this connector into the projector and you can mirror your laptop, tablet or phone to the projector using your WiFi network, without the fuss of additional cables in your living or workspace.

5. HDMI Cable

Similar to the display adapters, this HDMI cable will be the physical connection between your laptop (and other High Definition sources) and the projector. It’s worth noting that not all projectors support HDMI, so check your projector first if it has an HDMI port for HD input sources.

6. External Speakers

Capable external speakers are one of the must-have indoor or outdoor movie projector accessories. Most projectors have built-in speakers, but if you wish to experience your movies or gaming with real bass or surround sound, you can always connect external speakers through Bluetooth or through cables to the projector. Get speakers with Dolby Digital Plus technology and position them strategically behind you for a similar surround hearing experience! While we are on this, remember that not all projectors have the ability to connect to speakers via bluetooth (especially cheap projectors), in which case what you may need is an AUX cable.

7. AUX Cable

This audio cable will come in handy when your device is unable to connect to the projector via Bluetooth. This cable is compatible with mobile phones, speakers, laptops, and other electronic devices. However, AUX cables are not created equally. Cheap options may lead to mediocre or interfered sound transmission. Just remember to look for those high quality options or at least those with gold plating that works.

8. 3D Glasses

With today’s advanced technology, many projectors are equipped with 3D software, enabling many people, especially children, to watch an immersive screening of their favourite cartoon movies. You should try and buy 3D glasses for your projector with 3D support.

9. Projector Cases

Like other devices such as cameras and hand-held gaming consoles, there are hard shell cases for them when we bring our projectors out. These cases protect your projectors from bumps and drops. For those that are made to fit only your projector, it prevents it from moving around, securing it in place.

10. Lens Cleaning Kit

This accessory kit is important to maintain your projector, especially for the lens. If your projector’s lens gets dusty, it can impact the clarity and sharpness of the projected image. Your cleaning kit should include a microfiber cleaning cloth, air pump, cleaning spray, and a brush. The air pump is good to have if your projector’s air vents get clogged with dust or any other dirt particles.

Of course, there are many other projector accessories out in the market, but here are the essentials you should take note of for your first home theatre, drama binging, or even gaming setups.

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