Happy 57th National Day Singapore!

Thank you Singapore and our Pioneer Generation! United and Stronger Together, Majulah!

INNOVATIVE® is a 16 years global brand! We build home cinema projectors, mini projectors for iPhone, portable projectors, small projectors, pocket projectors, pico projectors, ultra short-throw projectors, UST projectors for Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, India, Canada, United Kingdom (UK), United States (USA) & Philippines.

Projector Brands that we own

Hot Trend

Phone WiFi Mirrroing
Battery Projector

Power up in less than 5 sec. Plug & Play! Fastest projector ever!

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The Legend

DS9 4k 3D
Battery Smart Projector

Specially tuned by 25yrs Experienced Cinema Engineer for perfectionist

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New Arrivals

World First Battery
UST Smart Projector

Smallest and slimmest ultra short throw (UST) projector

with 3D and built-in battery

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Don't Know Which Projector To Get?

No worry! It is actually very easy, just select base on your prefer lighting condition or chat with our projector experts.

The Best Projector Buying Guides

Projectors are actually similar to a televisions and monitors. They have the same HDMI ports for your devices such as BlueRay Player, Firestick, Apple TV, Switch, Xbox, Playstation, laptop, mac, Ipad, Iphone, google chromecast and much more... unlike TV and monitor, projector is small and ultra mobile with unlimited projection screen size with best price saving vs big 100" TV.

Business: The Ultra Short Throw Projectors

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10 Best Must-Have Projector Accessories

10 Best Must-Have Projector Accessories

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Projector Lumens: Things You Need to Know

Projector Lumens: Things You Need to Know

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